Dreamscape: Dream Journal & Reader

Save or share your most interesting dreams in this dream journal with a twist!

At its core this app is a dream journal to help users keep track of the dreams they have. What makes this dream journal different is its sharing capability. Users can read shared journals on the home feed and save them in their profile by upvoting their favorite dreams.


YACHTIFY yourself.

Take a photo → Add your favorite Lil Yachty hair style → Share with friends.
After creating your masterpiece, export to iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or your camera roll.


Often --- Tumblr for keyboards
Create your very own keyboard with GIFs, Photos & Quotes
Share it with friends & download theirs


- add gifs from GIPHY
- add photos from your camera roll
- write whatever quotes you want
- follow your friends & their keyboards
- hand curated collections to add gifs, photos & quotes


Sundial --- Timehop for music.
See what you were listening to on this day, last year.


- See a daily playlist of all your throwbacks
- Play music right inside the app
- Get 30 second song previews or sign in with Spotify for the full listening experience
- No music history for today? We gotchu. Listen to Billboard's top songs from this time last year


App that allowed Drake fans to respond to texts, Snapchat, Tinder, or any app with a keyboard solely using Drake lyrics.

Featured on: Buzzfeed, MTV, Cosmopolitan, and many more!

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